One of the most powerful tools in Sapphire’s arsenal is the resin cast. But truth be told, the average person doesn’t really give much thought or recognition to this amazing technique. So let’s talk about resin and how it’s used in our lighting industry!

What is a resin cast? Simply put, resin casting is a method where synthetic plastic resin is poured into a mold and then hardened in order to create a solid part. This technique can be used to make a variety of shapes and parts for a fixture, and can be combined with other materials and techniques for something truly unique!

Resin has a myriad of applications, allowing for a nearly limitless scope of creative ideas and designs. Clear resin can be used to encase pretty much any object inside the resin. Colored resin can create extraordinary surfaces and shapes to accommodate your design.

The flexibility of this tool makes it one of the more impressive devices in the construction of lighting fixtures. As resin can be customized to be more opaque or clear, the material allows for playing around with lighting, and different placements or types of lights can create unique experiences.

We can even cast LED lights within resin, creating a hauntingly beautiful effect in which the plastic part itself is lit up! Another favorite to use with resin is wood, combining nature and art in a creative explosion.

Envoy Autograph Collection by Marriott (Boston, MA). Pearl balls are resin.

Our team at Sapphire Chandelier is experienced in using resin as a material in construction of lighting fixtures. We let our work speak for itself, and our expertise do the talking when it comes to our creativity and design capabilities.

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