Lighting Online: Doing Business in Isolation

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to limit our face-to-face interactions in our everyday lives, manufacturers and designers see themselves adapting to a new reality of business for getting work done. This includes adopting an increasing online presence and relying on websites and social media to spread the word – both powerful tools to continue doing business during these uncertain times.

Just this last month, the lighting industry has implemented more robust systems for digital marketing, sales and daily operations. From digital experiences, to video conferences, social media interactions, e-sales, customer website forms and more- the focus today has really been keeping connected with clients wherever they may be working remotely (mainly from their own homes).

This affects every facet of the industry and the economy overall in general. Important trade shows which were used as a platform to promote new products and network with clients, such as Hospitality & Design (Las Vegas) and national NEWH trade shows, are now facing confirmed postponements. In person presentations and one on one meetings are being rescheduled via webinars and livestreams which still allows for productive business to take place.

Webinars can be attended from the comfort of home. Free use stock by Freepik.

For manufacturing companies and designers, the task of exceeding client expectations becomes reliant on technology as clients are unable to visit showrooms and teams are forced to adapt to work from home schedules. However, businesses can take advantage of the fact that customers are always looking for convenient ways to get what they need. Having an experienced staff, educated on work-from-home protocols, has shown that they can still give a boost to sales and client touch points while not physically being in the office.

As a proven method of success, social media works incredibly well for the lighting industry. As a means of staying connected with clients, it has become a necessity really.  Lighting design allows for spectacular fixtures and visuals to be created to showcase their product to social media end users. When it comes to social media, ad campaigns are a must to direct potential clients to your website or a contact form which helps build your client database.

A strong website design leads to visitors spending more time interacting with what the company does and offers. This can be by educating through blogs and newsletters keeping your clients up to date with the latest news and trends. Contact forms are also a must which allows your staff to contact potential clients who provide their information with a few simple clicks.

A Sapphire Chandelier contact form.

Another way lighting manufacturers are reaching people online is through the use of audiovisual content. Many companies are launching vlogs and YouTube channels to showcase their work while providing an interactive touch to the business side of things. The more relatable and personal the content, the more likely the users will stay engaged with what your company has to say.

The sky’s the limit with the digital content that can be created with everything from a simple message on social media to a full-blown virtual reality tour.  Staying connected with your clients is incredibly important for the lighting industry during this time of social distancing and isolation. After all, everyone’s spending pretty much all their time online now.

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