The Magic is in the Coordination

A lot of things go on behind the scenes to make a light fixture become a reality. From concept to installation, Sapphire Chandelier strives to give our clients the best experience every step of the way. But what actually goes into the process of creating and building a beautiful one of a kind fixture? Today, we take a look into how the magic happens.

All of this begins with the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator is the cornerstone of the entire process, coordinating teams and maintaining a direct open communication with our clients. We talked to two of our Project Coordinators, Janae and Brittney, to shed some light on how this all happens.

The role of a Project Coordinator (PC) entails a lot. In some ways, it comes down to being the face of the very company! The PC is the person that has the most communication with the client from start to finish, so they need to understand exactly what the client’s needs are. Let’s check out this process from the start .

Scotch 80 Prime, Palms, LV

One of the PC’s tasks is to get an understanding of what the client is looking for in their fixture. That entails looking at the client’s ideas, be it concept art and renders, or even starting to design something based off of photos on Pinterest! From there, the PC guides the client through the design process aiming to nail the desired vibe. They recommend finishes while understanding what the fixture’s objectives are in the space. One of the most important aspects of this role is to meet the client’s expectations all while staying within their budget.  It can be a challenge at times for sure!

After the concept with the client is finalized, the PC oversees our design team for CAD drawings while going back and forth with the client for feedback during the submittal process. Once everything is approved, the fixture goes into engineering and then ultimately into manufacturing. The PC follows the fabrication process closely with the standard lead time of 10-12 weeks from approvals and tracks the project timeline to make sure the requested delivery date is achieved. When manufacturing is complete, Sapphire provides the client with installation instructions and an on-site technician that acts as a consultant if needed.

This entire process is accompanied by a stream of constant communication and coordination. PCs talk to clients almost daily, openly communicating every step of the way with them so they don’t feel left out or out of the loop. The idea is to coordinate and communicate with clients, owners, designers, manufacturers, and providers.

Momofuku, LV, NV.

Throughout the process clients are updated via phone calls and emails. They are updated on project status, timetables, adjustments to drawings and parts, changes to fabrication, and shipping updates.

Overall, Sapphire is a relationship-focused company. Our team members develop relationships with our clients due to our constant communication and ability to deliver exactly what the client is looking for always exceeding expectations.

What sets us apart in the industry is the relationship we develop with our clientele. We focus on the details and keep open communication.

Brittney, Project Coordinator.

When asked about what their favorite part of the job was, both our Project Coordinators response was the same: seeing ideas and concepts come to life in lighting fixtures. It’s something noticeable to see how a fixture adds to the feel and ambiance of a place.


  1. I am in new home construction.
    I would like someone to contact me to know if your company does residential I’m looking for linear rectangular shaped light fixtures chandeliers and stairwell sconces

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