Sapphire Chandelier was founded by eight people with more than 30 years of experience in custom lighting.  The unique story of the founding partners, including the long history we have with our loyal staff, is what makes us who we are today and why we stand out amongst our competitors. We are family without the nuclear sense and after all these years being kept on our toes to exceed industry standards, it really is a true art behind the scenes to give our clients the best service and product.   

We have been around long enough to witness the evolution of our industry. We know and understand the needs of our clients, our clients’ clients, and all the other teams involved on a project.  We leverage our experience and continue to improve on all facets of our process from budget, design and engineering, competitive timelines, and project management.  However, one component that continues to place Sapphire Chandelier as a reliable and primary source for custom lighting is the art of our responsiveness.  It’s that simple.  Despite the evolving technology and trends in manufacturing, the art of the human touch is priceless.  We are known for the integrity of not only our products but how we conduct business with our clients. 

Hotel Nia Restaurant Bar Custom Lighting
Hotel Nia’s restaurant bar with custom lighting by Sapphire Chandelier

Delving deeper behind the scenes, are Sapphire Chandelier’s talented artisans that mostly go unnoticed, but not to us that work the front lines.  As a custom lighting manufacturer, not one piece we make is the same.  Every project is different and brings in a difference experience each time.  We are grateful for the beautiful flow of agility, wits and teamwork that our shop exercises daily to make it all happen. 

There really is no secret to the art of luxury custom lighting here at Sapphire Chandelier.  After more than 30 years, we are still a company driven to making quality products and building genuine long-lasting relationships. 

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